Are you playing CSGO and want to elevate your game with some better team members? Let us help you connect with quality, mature players who are ready to play!
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Looking for quality CSGO players to form a team with? In thiry seconds, you could be grouping up with active CSGO players on PC. Easy, fast, no obligation; backed by over 20 years of experience.

TSF runs the most popular CSGO Discord server which is also known as the best CSGO Discord server.

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This free public service is operated by TSF, established in 1997. Our networking resources allow you to meet up with quality players fast. No obligation to join our team, just play!

Ready for Something More?

TSF is seeking new leaders and members for CSGO. Competitive, semi-competitive, and casual options available. Grow at your own pace, backed by one of the most experienced gaming organizations.

Mature and Professional

Many of our members are at least in their 20s and those who are in their teens are expected to show a developed sense of maturity in order to join. We pride ourselves on our professional image and spirit.

Enjoyable and Open

Our team has an easy-going and enjoyable atmosphere. We accept people from all over the world and have a diverse community. Our stability minimizes drama and maximizes activity and fun.

Counter-Strike: GO is made for strategy and teamwork. TSF can help you connect with the players you need to reach your full potential. Please visit us to see for yourself, and thank you!

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